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#pledgetopray for Shelbyville!

We were so excited to launch our summer #pledgetopray initiative this past Sunday during Love Shelbyville Day! In case you missed it, our goal is to physically prayer walk/drive every single street in our community over the next several months. We believe in the power of prayer and are excited to see how God will show up and move in the places for which we are praying. Make sure you check out the boards in the Gathering Space at Governor's Square this Sunday to see how you can join us on mission as we boldly pray for our city.

What is #pledgetopray?

During this summer-long event, we will go outside and pray for the community in which we live and serve. We are on mission to reach those in Shelby County and beyond who don't know Jesus or have a relationship with God, and this starts with intentional prayer. Our initial goal is to pray for every street in Shelbyville, which ultimately means we are praying for each person in Shelbyville as well. We then hope to move this outward to each city in Shelby County and potentially even further!

So how will this event work? On the church's magnetic board, there are over 500 magnets with each street name in Shelbyville. We encourage you to select a random magnet off the board. Try your best to go out of your comfort zone and pick a street other than the one on which you live. After that, find your street and be present in that area while praying. Pray for the street in any way you feel called, there is no right or wrong prayer! Some examples include the residents' relationship with God, their safety, health, and so on. After you have finished your initial prayer, text Katie Gaither or post on social media tagging Christ Community AND using the hashtag #pledgetopray. We want to use social media so the community is aware we are pledging to pray for each and every one of them!

After you've been present on your street and prayed over it, place your magnet on your fridge as a constant reminder to keep that street in your prayers. We want to be in continuous prayer for our community! We can't wait to see how God works and transforms our city through this event. Let's go outside and #pledgetopray!

--Darian Combs, CCC covenant member


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