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President's Day Edition: Top of Mind Monday

5 Things on the Brain this morning + 1 George Washington quote in honor of President's Day!

The Tentacles of Asbury. At this point, you'd have to be trying really hard to have NOT heard about the groundswell of worship that has erupted in Wilmore! I'm really thankful for it. Even from a far it's stretching me - not in that I'm skeptical - but rather in that it's reminding me of what's possible for God. It's also reminding me of people's hunger for God, which makes me want to share Jesus more and more in my daily conversations. What God is doing at Asbury seems to be seeping OUT.. kind of like tentacles bringing us back to the source of power: Jesus. Keep letting join you on the outside Jesus! Our very own Krysta Howell wrote about her experience going to Asbury this past week, check it out: All for One and One for All

Healing! Yesterday I preached on Jesus' power to heal our pain. But one of our members got to experience it as they walked with a family member in a life-threatening situation. Y'all! Our God loves us real big and he's really alive! Can't get stuff like that out of your head!

GET UP and serve. Simon Peter's mother-in-law's story is still on my brain this morning! What an honor to get up and serve lunch to Jesus! If you missed the ways to serve form, GET IT HERE, or check out several of these upcoming opportunities: - Deoderant for Touched Twice

- Pack bags for the Backpack Project after church next Sunday

Alex Hagan's prayer for Marshall Lane is gripping my heart. We've been praying for the 13 streets around our building, but when Alex reminded us of the uniqueness of Marshall Lane... just a few houses.. I was burdened more than usual. May God truly draw people to himself! And may he prepare our hearts to serve others and share Jesus with them.

Jeff Bracken's Suspenders. I cannot wait for Jeff Bracken to be with us next weekend! And when he preaches, he always wears his UK suspenders! Bring a friend, bring your bible, and be ready for how God might ask you join him in going out to make disciples!

"Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." - George Washington


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