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Resources for Summer with Kids & Teens

Summer with kids of any age creates a whole new life rhythm and gives opportunities for more conversations and face to face engagement. Krysta and Kenny have compiled some resources that help turn those conversations into spiritual growth moments!

Check it out!

A Baptism Guide for Kids (and Parents)

This incredible resource from our Community Kids team will help you and your child discern whether or not they are ready to be baptized and give you both confidence in the salvation Jesus provides! Download a digital copy or pick up a physical copy at the Community Kids Check-In area.

A Baptism Guide for kids (1)
Download PDF • 724KB

Community Kids Dream BIG Workshop

This summer, Community Kids are focusing on the spiritual discipline of

sharing our story. In order to grow spiritually, we need to make faith a

regular, everyday, go-to topic of conversation as we learn to connect our

stories with God' story and share it with others. The Dream Big Workshop

is designed to help kids recognize Jesus' storyline in their own

experiences and teach them how to share that story with the world

around them.

Download PDF • 2.46MB

EDGE Teens Discipleship at Home

Discipleship at home can be overwhelming. How do I connect? What do I say? Do I know enough? Great questions, but the reality is that discipleship is about bringing your student along as you follow Christ. We don’t always get it right, but the amazing thing is God will take those efforts and do insurmountably more than you could imagine! No extra planning needed; work a week ahead as a parent to feel better prepared and let the Lord change and transform you and your student! This digital resource is available HERE.


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