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Something New this Christmas

This weekend at Christ Community we'll hear from some friends who have spent time overseas, we'll pray for brothers and sisters all around the world, launch the Lottie Moon Christmas offering week of prayer, sing Christmas songs to God, and start our Christmas sermon series, "Something New."

When Luke set down to write the gospel story, he wanted his friend Theophilus to know with certainty that Jesus was God’s Son, the promised Messiah and Savior of the world. As he retells the story of Christ’s birth, he doesn’t just tell him what happened; he instead turns to telling the stories of eyewitnesses and the people who lived out the story. It was as these people were returning to the comforts of their usual rhythms and routines that they found something new in what was familiar.

This was something new. This new dawn would shine brightly in the darkness. And their lives would never be the same…

The story isn’t new, but it will always do something new in you.

Join us! If you're one of us, invite a friend! Christmas is a time that people are more open to exploring faith in Jesus Christ.


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