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THANK YOU from Community Kids!!!

On Sunday, we recognized and celebrated our current volunteers in Community Kids for their commitment and dedication to our kids and families over this past school year. These volunteers are so much more than just child care on Sunday mornings, they are discipling children in God’s kingdom! It’s a joy to see our church family give of their time and talents to share the love of Christ and invest in the next generation. Who can you encourage and thank this week for investing in our kids?

We love being able to appreciate our team of volunteers, but we know there is no greater fruit than seeing our kids and families grow in their faith! This past year, we have been able to celebrate dedications, baptisms, and graduations. We have had a growth in our classroom numbers and started focusing on small group discipleship. Our kids have memorized Scripture, learned new worship songs, and engaged in discipleship at home!

Passing our faith to the next generation is our privilege and calling. It takes a body of believers working together towards the mission Jesus has given us. We want to continue to follow Jesus as we invest in this ministry, so come JOIN us in Community Kids! Whether it is leading an elementary small group, rocking babies, or greeting families as they check in their kids. There are lots of ways to invest in the next generation, so don’t miss out on how God can use you!


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