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"The Backpack" Podcast Launches

One of the visions D.J. Williams set out to realize when he came on staff at Christ Community was a podcast that supported the vision of joining Jesus on the outside.

This week, that vision came to life as The Backpack podcast hit the internet!

On The Backpack, we want to prepare you for the journey outside, where following Jesus meets real life. In our various segments, you'll find sermons, stories, interviews, and more content that will help strengthen, equip, and encourage you as you walk with Jesus. The journey of faith is full of hills and valleys, twists and turns, and we want to help you navigate them all. So grab your backpack and come join us on the trail.

Segments on the podcast will include "Stories From the Trail" (a collection of the stories told in our weekly gatherings), "Trail Mix" (mini-series on a wide range of topics), "Campfire Songs" (reflections on songs that we're singing in worship and the stories behind them), and "Canteen" (the weekly sermon from CCC).

While The Backpack will soon be on multiple online services, you can currently follow along on Spotify or stay up-to-date through The Backpack Twitter feed.


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