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The one who came back and had a LOUD voice

In Luke 17 one can read about Jesus entering a village as he’s traveling to Jerusalem. As he approaches 10 lepers began yelling at him, “Jesus! Have mercy on us!”

Jesus, being.. well.. Jesus, tells them to go show themselves to the priests. On the way, the leprosy was miraculously removed from their skin.

One of the ten, a Samaritan, comes back, falls at Jesus’ feet and worships him. Scripture even says he did it with a loud voice. This guy wasn’t messing around!

I want that kind of gratitude and joy.

I want to be so thankful to God that it’s a priority to stop what I’m doing and go worship Jesus with a loud voice.

I want that not just because of what I’ve read here, but because of how I‘ve seen that spirit embodied in some of my newest friends.

It all started on a Love Shelbyville day.

I headed to Colonial Hall to play bingo. While we played, we learned that some of the residents hadn’t been visited or out of the facility since the pandemic had started. My heart broke.

I was back the next week to take people to our gathering.

Wayne gets ready to proclaim his salvation in Christ through baptism last summer.

We haven’t missed many weeks of picking up our new friends since then; but at least 2 of them haven’t missed a week at all. Wayne and JR are the ring leaders. JR dubbed the worship band “The Thoroughbreds” and is plotting their state wide tour. Wayne gave his life to the Lord, pictured it in baptism, and quietly sits in the back, usually with his Bible open.

Then there’s Billy who is usually front and center. And usually with live commentary on the sermon. And dare we forget the others who filter through the rotation from time to time. Or the ones sitting on the porch that aren’t sure they want to go, but are always glad to see you.

That 5 minute ride to and from Colonial Hall is where the joy really is. No topic of conversation is off limits - politics, Shelbyville eateries, music, Jesus, and more.

Here’s what I appreciate: week after week, they are ready to come worship. It’s simple. It’s pure. And sometimes it’s loud.

Let’s be more like that.

Let’s be the one who came back and had a loud voice as we fall at the feet of Jesus.


As we continue to love and serve our friends from Colonial Hall, we would love to include YOU! You can help by joining a rotation of people who provide rides to and from Christ Community. To learn more, contact


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