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Then I am Strong - New sermon series starts July 25

Do you remember the first time you felt inclined to hide a weakness? Or something you weren’t proud of?

Maybe it was when you realized you weren’t wearing the latest fads in middle school or you didn’t have the cool new gadget that everyone in school had (remember digital pets????).

Or maybe it was realizing that you weren’t as talented in one area of school while you excelled in another.

Maybe you realized your family make-up wasn’t quite the same as everyone else’s.

The enemy is really good at using shame and fear to suggest that we should hide or cover our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

In the last six chapters of 2 Corinthians, Paul opens his own vulnerabilities up and addresses other areas of “weakness” in order to remind the Corinthians of this truth:

Jesus transforms weakness into strength.

But how? That’s what we will explore over 6 weeks as we invite the power of the gospel to work in our own weaknesses so that we might be strong.

When we lean into our weakness, Jesus makes us strong.

Let’s lean in together.


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