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Time to Grow where God has Planted Us

As our sermon series around the Plus One initiative comes to a close, we now look forward to that last piece of the equation from Luke 13: TIME.

It’s time to grow where God has planted us!

More than 70 leaves are currently on the tree! We expect a few more as people continue to lean into their Plus One commitments.

But know this isn’t going away!

We plan to continue to talk about engaging with the 4 different Plus One initiatives.

We plan to share resources, pray with, and encourage those who share their commitment with us at

Over the next year, I expect that God is going to continue to gracefully dig out junk from the soil of our lives. As he calls us to himself, sin will be exposed and we can joyfully join Jesus in digging it out trusting that flourishing is coming.

Over the next year, as we lean into these “faith fertilizers,” I expect God to bring about in us levels of health that we haven’t experienced before. I expect that there will be ministry fruit in our lives that we never dreamed of!

Stick with Jesus, CCC.

Let him dig deep, fertilize the soil of your faith, and let’s grow where God has planted us!


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