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Top of Mind Monday

Getting back to work after vacation often means there are more than a few things "on the brain." I'm jumping back into to-do lists, next steps on initiatives, and reconnecting with people. Here's some things that keep rising to the front in my mind...

  1. A couple from the CCC family coming home! After over 6 weeks in a context where less than 1% of people believe in Jesus, Mike & Sarah are scheduled to come home this week! Lifting them up not just for traveling mercies, but also for re-entry culturally should be on all our hearts and minds this week!

  2. How much I appreciate our staff! It wasn't just being gone that made me realize how grateful I am for the team I serve on, it was all that we did together yesterday. Kenny was gone preaching at a conference for students in North Carolina. Krysta was sharing how the the Lord had led the Kids Team to start Equip 28. Katie was asking for prayer for a team that's been built to bring focus and effectiveness to our missions strategy. And DJ was calling us to give our hearts to God in worship after working a full week at UPS! (I still don't understand how bi-vocational folks do it - RESPECT!) I don't just appreciate them; I'm grateful for them and respect all the ways they are leading us to JOIN Jesus in GOING out to MAKE disciples.

  3. Prayer. I can't shake it. So as long as it's on my mind on Mondays, I'm going to keep talking about. I was part of the team that planned yesterday's Gathering, and still I was blown away by all the different ways the Lord invited us to depend on him and pray: For Equip 28, about new leader nominations, for our missions team, for the things you struggle to surrender - and I'm probably missing some! Then Jesus told a parable about prayer in my daily reading (Luke 18:1-8). And then God opened a door for Katelyn to pray with a woman who's husband had a surgery that didn't go as expected this morning. Lord, we need you. Lord, teach us to pray.


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