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Top of Mind Monday

Though my Monday morning was occupied by a field trip with Magnolia to Mulberry, there were 5 things rolling through my mind as I looked back at another week spent loving and leading the CCC family as we live out the mission of JOINING JESUS IN GOING OUT TO MAKE DISCIPLES.

  1. Someone submitted her life to Christ! We can't wait to celebrate in baptism with her! More than that, I'm so excited about the conversations y'all are asking me to pray about as you share Jesus with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Sharing Jesus takes time, and each time a person finds salvation in Christ we get to celebrate with heaven!

  2. I want to send our best team EVER to Honduras. Check your spiritual pulse if you didn't get excited as Elena shared about all that God has done and continues to do to make disciples in Honduras! We get the INCREDIBLE opportunity to join them next summer. Make praying about you and/or your family going a PRIORITY! For more info on the June 2023 trip go HERE.

  3. The global church is more and more on my heart and mind. Whether it was hearing about Sparrow in Honduras and Thailand, or receiving the Embry's back from Central Asia or hearing from a friend in Romania who's consistently making trips back into the Ukraine, my heart is pricked for the nations. Psalm 117:1 (that DJ read to start the Gathering) comes to mind: "Praise the Lord, all nations! Glorify him, all peoples!"

  4. BABY ALERT!! Saylor and Katie Aylmer were excited to welcome baby Beckett to the world! You can sign up to take them a meal HERE. Speaking of babies, thanks to each of you who helped with the Page's pumpkin roll adoption fundraiser or purchased one! Casey and Kristen, we're with you guys on this journey! Thanks for allowing us to be a part!

  5. Our Next Gen ministries are top notch.

The Community Kids team did an AMAZING job of throwing a GLOW PARTY! It makes me excited to see kids building community around their faith in Jesus. Earlier in the week, they launched Equip 28 for 4th-5th graders ready to start owning their faith. EDGE Students have the best named event in all of church history coming up this weekend: THE Holy Ghost Weenie Roast. And did you know there are high school students starting their own discipleship groups?? It's kind of crazy how much the Lord has a hold of the hearts of our young people. We'd do well to follow their passion and pursuit of Jesus!


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