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Top of Mind Monday

Hey church family! I want to start this Top of Mind Monday by just saying "Thanks" for allowing me to be one of your pastors. This past week was a joy to serve y'all in a variety of ways - one reflective line I typed said this: "I'm enjoying my calling this week."

Katelyn and I couldn't be more grateful for our church family!

With that, here's 7 things rattling around the noggin' today...

Webbmont! We're carving out time over the next 13 weeks to pray for each of the streets around our church - that we might learn to be better neighbors to them and that God would allow us to see how he's already at work! This week it's Webbmont.

New Members! I was pumped to welcome the Boyds, Reeses, and Sturgills to the CCC family yesterday! It was even cooler to know that each of them was already connected to a community group here at CCC! Now, together, we can all keep joining Jesus in going out to make disciples.

Community Groups! Speaking of Community Groups, you can check out the updated page for all of our current groups. Maybe you're ready to find one, or maybe you can share this list with a friend. Go ahead, go check out the groups:

Mike Embry! I've got Mike (and Sarah) on the brain today too as he prepares to leave this week to lead a trip to Sierra Leone, Africa. Pray that God would open many doors and show him which ones to walk through as they work to bring wells and clean water to people there! And pray, too, that people would come to know Jesus, the Living Water.

Being intentional now about seeking God later.. Deadlines for Honduras and the IF: Gathering are this week. Sign-ups are open for kids and students summer camps. Take the time to make intentional decisions now that will help prioritize seeking God later. You're not going to want to miss out!

Ellie Youngblood! Little Ellie Youngblood is the newest person in the CCC family! Chase and Rachel finally made it home after a little extra care this past week. Sign-up to take them a meal as they adjust to being a family of 5!

1 Corinthians 8:3 ended up being part of my d-group reading today and it was a comfort to me that I want to share. I know many of you are working through difficult things or seasons in life. Some of you are battling seasonal depression or other mental health concerns. Be encouraged by this:

"If anyone loves God, he is known by him."

God knows you deeply and intimately and has every thing he needs to meet your deepest needs. Love him more this week! Trust him more this week! And let's get together again soon to share how he's been faithful and good.


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