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Top of Mind Monday

A Growing Church Family! It's a big deal whenever someone leans in and says we want to be on mission with the church. That's why it was exciting to have the Chesterfield/Hutchins family join CCC Sunday! Welcome! I know there are several others who are prayerfully thinking about what it looks like for them to be meaningfully connected to a church family - be encouraged! Inviting that accountability and relationship is crucial to joining Jesus in going out to make disciples!

Numbing vs. Resting. Resting in Christ is really tough. Too often, I avoid resting in Christ by numbing instead; I stay busy with odds and ends tasks, I binge on a TV show or game, I run to laziness instead of true rest. Today, I'm finding myself thinking about how resting and numbing look different in my life.

EASTER! It's only 27 days away! Our "theme" for our passion week activities this year is "Ridiculous." Make plans now to jump in on the celebrations!

Palm Sunday - 10 am - April 2

Good Friday - 6 pm - April 7

Egg Hunt - 11 am (Southside Elementary) - April 8

Coffee & Donuts - 9 am - April 9

Easter Gathering - 10 am - April 9

Hearing Alan Witham Preach. Alan Witham has been around since the beginning of Christ Community, but most weekends you would find him preaching and leading in churches all across the state. He's discipled more guys than most of us can probably count. I can't wait for him to come and share God's Word this weekend at Christ Community!

All the opportunities we have to serve and share Jesus the next couple weeks. We might have more opportunities to join Jesus in serving and sharing in the next month or so than I can remember in quite a while! Sign-up for Touched Twice AND Love Shelbyville Day for starters: But there's also upcoming needs to meet at ALC, GAP, Battern Heights, and the Backpack Project. Let's GO CCC! Time to join Jesus!


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