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Top of Mind Monday

"I knew God, but I never had a need for him." - Josh Ballard

I'm still a bit speechless when I think about listening to Josh's story yesterday at the Gathering! If you missed it, YOU MISSED IT! The quote above was equal parts comforting and convicting. May I learn what you've taught Josh, Lord! Help me to need you more and more!

I'm thankful for patient people as we navigate construction!

It's super exciting to see drywall go up and new hallways form and all the things at CCC right now! But at the same time, it means holding plans loosely, walking around plastic and floor coverings, and hoping to avoid drywall dust. I'm super thankful for everyone who was there this weekend and remained incredibly patient! We're almost there! Paint starts this week!

People are hungry for God's Word and discipleship.

Last Wednesday, more than 20 of you came because you were interested in being in a discipleship group! Since then, I've learned of 2 groups planning to get started and a couple more simmering at the surface! People are hungry for God's Word and discipleship. And when that's true, the Spirit is faithful to teach us, convict us, change us, and help us join Jesus in going out to make disciples! Buckle up, CCC, and stay hungry. Let Jesus have his way in you!

Our Deacon team is off to a strong start.

Do you know how encouraging it is to get 10 incredible leaders in a room who love God and love people and spend time working on a plan to better serve people? It's encouraging cranked to 11! I have no doubt that CCC is going to be able to level up our care for people with this fantastic team setting the foundation for servant leaders in our church for decades to come.

How can you not take the next step presented by Isabella Midkiff???

The Midkiff family have been servant leaders since day 1 of CCC, but watching as their daughter Isabella invited/encouraged/challenged us to join them in serving with Barren Heights this weekend was next level! And what an incredible ministry to be serving with! For more info on this weekend, or to get signed up, click here.


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