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Top of Mind Monday

  1. Praying for CCC members is one of the greatest perks of my job. This weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to pray for a member in the hospital, one leaving for a mission trip to Israel, and a couple members preaching at other churches in the community. Every once in a while it hits me what an honor it is to go before the Creator and ask him to heal, protect, save, bless, use, and grow people in my life. Wow! If I can pray for you this week, don't hesitate to text, call, email, or send a smoke signal. I would love the opportunity!

  2. Donuts! When one of our deacons walked in with a box of donuts and explained that since our friends from Colonial Hall had to miss the donuts at Easter because of a COVID outbreak he had made arrangements for them to have some, my heart overflowed! Later in the day, I learned that more donuts would show up in CCC's future because of someone else's generosity. Donuts! The new symbol of generosity! Go grab one today.. and while you're at it, grab one for a friend.

  3. "Do I want to be a better disciple? Or do I want to be a better lawyer? If I have to choose, I want to choose disciple. The lawyer matters here, but the disciple matters forever." - Dave Sullivan I'll be honest; it can be an interesting exercise to go to church and not preach. But when Dave ripped off this line, I was reminded of one of the many reasons it's important. I needed to hear this line and substitute preacher for lawyer. Hopefully Jesus uses this same line to resurrect your heart and remind you of your Christ-centered identity.

  4. Who's your enemy? Love them. Answering the question is important. When Dave started sharing synonyms, I got uncomfortable. Attacker. Foe. Rival. Joy stealer. Life drainer. Critic. Naysayer. I realized I not only had enemies, but I often am one to many. Let's love our enemies well this week!

  5. My wife is a rockstar who loves our church family. I'm not often a spouse bragger, but yesterday Katelyn reminded me of the selfless servant leader she is and it's still on my mind. After getting things squared away with our hospitality team, she filled in for someone in Community Kids before spending some time in the afternoon being a great mom. Then, while I attended meetings, she got the family ready for a week of school and activities, covered the plants to protect from frost, and still had space to hear me decompress from my day. She's one of a kind, a blessing from the Lord, and I love her.


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