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Top of Mind Monday -

I've gotten in the habit of sharing the things that are on my mind on Mondays after the weekend Gathering. There's nothing like gathering with God's people.. it stirs up a lot of hope in me! Here's the thoughts that are still camping out in the ol' noggin.

Be Kind to Yourself. I loved preaching Titus 3:4 yesterday: "But when the kindness of God our Savior and his love for mankind appeared.." It reminded me of a song that Andrew Peterson has recently written entitled "Be Kind to Yourself." If your skeptical, know that I understand this doesn't mean we can excuse our own sin. We can't. We shouldn't. And it's not helpful. At the same time, there's a spiritual battle for your heart and mind and the enemies voice sometimes sounds oddly like your own. I think Peterson hits at that spiritual warfare side. Check it out:

I was thankful to learn how to pray for political leaders. Admittedly, I keep a solid distance from political conversation. I can make an argument for doing so, but it can also lead me to not engage in helpful prayer for our political leaders. I was thankful yesterday for Eric teaching me to pray for political leaders in a way that was non-partisan, that kept Christ's kingdom a priority, while encouraging me to engage in the process for the good of my neighbors. Be good citizens this week; pray, vote, and pray again. Do that and you've done enough.

Big stuff is coming for the Christmas store! I walked in on a meeting for the upcoming Christmas store that we're co-hosting with Simpsonville Baptist! There are some exciting things right around the corner! Stay tuned for how to get involved in this great ministry to our community!

Gospel goodbyes. I hugged the Bensons as they left the gathering for the last time (as Shelby County residents anyway ;) ). Gospel goodbyes are tough. Pray with me that the Lord would make the move seamless, unpacking easy, and that the Lord would give them quick connections in gospel community.

Multiple Community Groups starting in 2023! We need each other. Groups are where we really change because iron sharpens iron. And Kenny and I have been praying for some time that God would call some leaders up (and out!) to start new groups to make space for new faces. Now, I'm hearing of multiple groups planning to start early in 2023! Stay tuned! You'll hear more in the coming weeks.

People are ministering to one another. Meals plans getting filled in hours. People checking in on one another and praying together. Community Groups leading worship nights and celebrating life changing seasons. Discipleship groups in next gen. New people serving in Community Kids. People giving up the day to go to Eastern KY. There's a lot of really neat ways that people are ministering to one another. Keep believing that God will do far more than we can ask or imagine if we just keep showing up ready to serve with the gospel on our lips.

13 Streets. The people who live there. The business owners who came in this morning. The community leaders who serve and care for the little corner of the world we reside on. They are in my heart and on the top of my mind. Lord, would you in your kindness appear in our lives and theirs? Would you allow us to see you working and join you in the work of salvation?


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