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Top of Mind Monday!

  1. It's Love Shelbyville week! As we head towards Memorial Day weekend, I hope you (and any family coming to town!) will come join us as we serve and love on Shelbyville. Set aside that 90 minutes on Sunday morning to join Jesus and watch him honor it! Here's a link to get signed up ahead of time:

  2. Milestones in May. Our family has had quite a few milestones ourselves this month; Magnolia finished preschool and is PUMPED for kindergarten. We were excited to join Tinley at CCC's 5th grade promotion as she heads to EDGE students, and Preston celebrates his 9th birthday this week! I'm also loving celebrating with our CCC families, too. One week, babies dedicated by families committed to raising them in a Christ-centered home. The next? We celebrated 3 amazing young people graduating high school! May is always full of milestones, and we are wise to recognize God's work in them and then celebrate HIM in THEM!

  3. I want Jesus to be amazed in the good way! It was a real joy for me to hear Kenny preach yesterday! It's a blessing I could have never imagined to have him sharpening my faith and teaching our church family. One of his points that resonated with me was that Scripture only talks about Jesus being amazed twice; once by great faith, and one by a lack of faith. I want Jesus to be amazed in the good way! May my faith in him increase!

  4. Let's finish strong on our volunteer drive! Several of you signed up this weekend for one of the 40 volunteer roles we are recruiting for this fall - THANK YOU! Let's finish strong! You can grab a physical sign-up at the Connect Desk or Sign-up Online here.

  5. I'm thankful to be part of a family of churches that prays for one another. Katelyn and I love our neighborhood. A big part of that is our next door neighbors! On both sides we have people we love and who love us well. This Sunday, the Stone's texted us after their church, Graefenburg Baptist Church, had prayed for our church during their worship gathering. Y'all, I'm thankful to be part of a family of churches that prays for one another. Let's keep being a church that prays for other churches (and our neighbors!) too!


As my personal schedule shifts into summer mode, "Top of Mind Monday" will shift to Tuesdays. See you back on the blog TUESDAY, May 30!


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