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Top of Mind Monday!

What a Beautiful Name it is! The name of Jesus! Hey, just telling you like it is.. if you weren't with us yesterday, you missed out as we sang that song to close the gathering! It had the feel of a Jesus hymn after we studied the Jesus hymn in Philippians 2. I love the opportunity to hold his name high in song with y'all. Huge thanks to those of you who help lead us in worship - you're a blessing!

Church is a team sport. I was reminded of this as I watched so many of you serve the body. That guy who made your coffee yesterday didn't just make coffee. He took the time to kneel down and have a conversation with the little girl who had questions. Then there was the crew of you who didn't just come into church and find your seat, you visited a bunch of people in the seats around you first. And to all of you with kids, you made a big kingdom impact just by having them there and reminding them of the priority of worshipping together with the church. Church is a team sport. The health and growth of the body happens in all kinds of ways!

We're looking forward to baptisms - you want in? This week 2 young ladies let us know they believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior and their ready to proclaim their salvation through baptism! Can't wait to celebrate with them, their family, and their friends. You want in? If you have questions about baptism or think it could be your next step, let us know!

I kind of want to be an EDGE Student right now! Sunday nights are popping (I think that's the lingo these days.. LOL) right now! With the new space has come a new basketball area, new games, and a new video game setup. Best part is.. that's all a warm-up for the main event - JESUS! Our teens are growing and taking ownership of their faith right now. I'm here for it! This coming weekend, EDGE takes a break due to Labor Day Weekend, but there is a bonfire Friday night. Stay tuned to for more details.

It's fun to serve a church that loves to serve. After the gathering yesterday, as people poured out of the worship center, person after person stopped to grab a pen pal, get info on the backpack project and more. Before that, a TON of you had helped fill in the gap at Stormhaven. This week, people head to Eastern KY. Y'all love to serve! I can't tell you how fun it is to serve a church that loves to serve. Keep going, CCC, keep going.


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