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Top of Mind Monday

  1. I'm still pumped for Ella Kate and the Smith family! What a moment as Torrey baptized Ella Kate! The way they recognized how our church family does things like that together was really cool, too. Man, Lord! Thank you for saving Ella Kate! Ella Kate, thanks for saying YES!

  2. In case you want more of that J-curve stuff... I really can't impress how much Paul Miller's teaching on dying and rising with Christ have changed my year.. and life. I did my best at giving you a taste yesterday, but I'd love for you to lean into more! Here's a link to his website with the book, videos, curriculum, etc.:

  3. Sept 24 is a BIG day for CCC to GO OUT! We mentioned it during next steps, but in 2 weeks, we have Love Shelbyville, 101, and Worship Night at Stargazer! It's a day full of going outside. If you're somewhat new to CCC, these days are days you get shoulder to shoulder with the fam and find your fit. If you're a long standing member of the family, this is where you lead us!

  4. I'm learning to let Jesus feed me. I was reading this morning in John 21 where the resurrected Jesus engages some of the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias. When the disciples come back to shore, Jesus has a meal prepared for them even though they've brought in a big load of fish. They all eat without question - letting Jesus feed them - before he restores Peter, and gives direction to these early church leaders. I needed to be reminded that Jesus already has meals prepared for me if I'll just sit down and eat them, humbly, and with gratitude.

  5. I'd challenge you to take 15 minutes this week and read Philippians. This coming weekend, we finish our quick journey through Philippians. At the beginning of the series, I encouraged us to read the little letter. I'd encourage you to do that again this week and see how what the Lord has taught you has changed your reading! If you were in a group through this series, I'd encourage you to reflect on what you stated as a goal for growth and see how the Lord has honored that.


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