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Top of Mind Monday!

On Monday's I try to share just a few reflections of what's on my mind as a leader here at Christ Community! I hope it comes as an encouragement to our church family as they GO BE THE CHURCH!


Celebrating with the Keene's! I loved getting to celebrate with Gracie as she confessed her faith in Jesus and proclaimed him in baptism! WOO! Fear IS a liar; While the enemy tries to convince us to hold back, Gracie showed us what it looks like to be all-in for Jesus! Let's go!

Terminal: The Dying Church Planter Podcast While I shared a bit of Richard Pope's story in my sermon yesterday, hearing him and the people of Canvas Church tell it is much better. Click the link above to listen to the 8 episode podcast series on how God has worked in some incredible ways. Even if you can't listen to the podcast, pray for our partner Richard as he faithfully leads Canvas Church.

Love Shelbyville Day Sign-ups! Y'all, this is a big one! And spots are going fast! WE. CAN'T. WAIT. to go love Shelbyville this weekend as we serve in a variety of ways. Get signed up ahead of time if you can. Show up even if you can't. Bring a friend who wants to make a difference, and let's go be the church!!!

Worship Night @ Stargazer. Next Sunday night, 6pm, our church family will head downtown to Stargazer for a night of worship! It's gonna be a ton of fun! EDGE students will be there too!

The joy of being on the leadership team at CCC I can't ever say this one enough... and it's on my mind again after another encouraging time together with a budget team and our Deacon team yesterday.. It is an absolute JOY to be a leader at CCC!!! It's this really cool mixture of deep care for people, a common humility, and an eagerness for the mission to advance that just makes serving special! Love y'all!

Now, get off your screen, and GO BE THE CHURCH!!


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