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Top of Mind Monday!

Ron's Story... I'm not sure I'll hear Psalm 119:105 again without thinking about Ron's story! Hearing how time after time after time God was right on time was an incredible encouragement! If you missed it, make sure to subscribe to The Backpack (CCC's podcast) to catch it's release later in the week.

I really want people to take advantage of Marriage 911! At CCC, we're not content to just let marriages break down. While we have grace for wherever you are, we want to be equipping people with truths that equip couples to not just help their marriages survive, but thrive. David and Gigi Wheeler are starting the next rotation of their marriage class with Marriage 911. This class moves past communication to consider the outside influences that can so negatively affect our marriage relationships. Be here Wednesday at 6 to learn more about this class that starts after fall break!

I'm really thankful for a TON of volunteers who serve during the Gathering! I was typing out this article when I saw this written on the audio/visual booth:

That's the mission, y'all. Join Jesus in going out to make disciples. And every person who runs the video stream, to slides, to greeting people in the parking lot, to driving a van to Colonial Hall, to prepping communion, to cleaning the building, to teaching preschoolers, to making music, to making coffee....(Do you get it yet? There's a lot of volunteers) Every single one of those people is serving to make that mission ring true in people's hearts as they leave the building to "Go be the church."


Grab your October calendar! Did you know you can always visit for a calendar of events and gatherings? You can even add it to your own calendar! This month is packed with ways to get to know one another and invite friends into community; from a student retreat to a kids glow night to a guys bonfire and more, there's a lot happening this month! If you still like a paper copy, you can pick one up at the Connect Desk starting this weekend.

Leader Nominations. It's been a great year for CCC Leadership as we've added a Deacon team to our Pastor/Elder team and Staff team! This time of year, we always ask our leaders if God is still calling them to their role and invite our covenant members to nominate members who they believe God might be calling to serve as a Pastor/Elder or Deacon. How might you know if God is calling them? If you see them already functioning in the way Scripture describes these two leadership roles. For a list of current leaders, visit and to nominate a leader, visit


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