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Top of Mind Monday

I love Shelbyville! Saturday night after we had unpacked our car from our drive home from Florida, I drove over to the building to make sure everything was in order for Sunday morning. Of course, they were, thanks to so many of our people who take care of the little things. Between that realization and driving through downtown Shelbyville at night, I found myself thinking about how much I love Shelbyville - Genuinely! I'm glad I call it home, and I want it's people to have more of Jesus.

Humility. My beach time reading led me into a lot of thinking about humility. Then, it came across my readings again this morning in Psalm 10:17: "Lord, you have heard the desire of the humble; you will strengthen their hearts." Thinking about how God strengthens humble hearts is a beautiful thing! Humility is one of those daunting, but deeply encouraging virtues that I pray God would continue to cultivate in each of us.

"I was encouraged that there are people going to church with me, with stories like that, that I don't even know." Some of our deacons helped host the family of Connie Jensen as they celebrated her life Saturday at CCC. Connie and her husband Richard had been attending CCC for a short time before Connie passed away unexpectedly. Multiple people shared with me how encouraging it was to hear testimonies of how Connie had shared Jesus with them and changed their lives. I loved what Brad Combs said: "I was encouraged that there are people going to church with me, with stories like that, that I don't even know."

Hope for flourishing marriages! Yesterday included a deacon's meeting that focused on finishing up details for marriage ministry coming in 2024. It's really good stuff, y'all. Gospel-centered, people-driven stuff. And that doesn't include the start of the Marriage 911 class this week with the Wheelers! I've got a ton of HOPE for flourishing marriages - not just at CCC, but in our community. Let's let people see Jesus' love for the church through our marriages..

"God, grant Christ Community boldness in sharing Jesus." That's today's prayer on our church leaderships monthly prayer calendar. Would you pray that with me? And would you print out that calendar and start praying day by day with our church fam? It'll help you be more like a kid again..


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