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Top of Mind Monday

It's Monday! Here's some thinks running through my head as a new week gets underway...

With a round of sickness running through our house, I'm praying differently for those battling sickness right now. Being sick just isn't fun. When someone in the house isn't feeling up to par, it seems to have a way of sucking the life out of the family. I'm praying not only that the Lord would restore health, but help us to lean on him a little more in these moments of weakness.

It's pretty incredible to think about all the partnerships God has blessed Christ Community with! Wednesday night, several people from the CCC family were celebrating with Father's Love! It was incredible not only to be there and see the CCC family be a part, but to hear the story and look back and see how God has fostered that along the way! Pretty cool! Then Sunday, hearing about the progress of the Christmas Store partnership with Simpsonville Baptist - WOW! Get signed up for that! And then, today and tomorrow, sister churches from all over the state are gathering in Bowling Green to celebrate what God has done across the state this year. The mission of JOIN-GO-MAKE is huge - and I'm thankful for the partners we have in it!

We've got some exciting news to share at the Covenant Dinner Meeting this week! Dinner starts at 5, childcare/meeting begin at 6. Don't miss out!

We really need to embrace this new Love Shelbyville model on November 27. Our missions team led by Katie Gaither has been working hard on strengthening partnerships and learning how we can serve our community. Now we have to respond to the opportunities God's giving us! One shift that we need to make to better serve our partners and the community is to start signing up for groups ahead of time so we can be more effective. Go do it now!

I don't want to see Thanksgiving skipped. The older I get, the more I appreciate this holiday. Gratitude. It's a big deal. I'm looking forward to some time to be grateful with my extended family. How are you celebrating? What are you grateful for?


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