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Top of Mind Monday!

A prayer from 1 Thessalonians because sometimes it's all too much for me!

God is working in so many people's lives in so many ways! For some, it's the excitement of baptism and new life! For others, it's the seasons of suffering that somehow end up in resurrection because of the Spirit! Still for others, it's the grind of leaning into that grind of sanctification - becoming like Christ - as we open his Word together in community. It's all really exciting! And sometimes, to be honest, too much for my head and heart to handle. It's overwhelming in all the right ways! It's increasing my need and desire to pray with you and for you more. Recently, this prayer from the end of 1 Thessalonians has been in my thoughts:


2 People expressed interest in baptism!

As Kenny said, "Say WOOHOO!" It never gets old to talk about new life in Christ! Keep Jesus on your lips this week. No doubt he's got a conversation lined up for you if you'd be willing to join Him in it.

My heart missed our friends in Central Asia!

DJ, Heather, and Melissa did a great job giving a glimpse of what's going on with our friends there. Honestly, it made me miss them. They're good people doing hard work, and I love sitting with them and encouraging one another. One way I keep up with them is through their regular email updates. If you would like to get on an email list that gets regular updates from our friends there, please send your email to

I appreciate the ministry of the Auten's.

Jon and Misty Auten are just fantastic encouragers! They came and gathered with us yesterday and it was a joy to see them connecting with people from the Central Asia trip, and even connecting with Preston on his yo-yo skills! Jon is the Associational Mission Strategist for our local network of churches, the North Central Baptist Network. They do some incredible work encouraging, connecting, and equipping church leaders across the area. Pray for them to be encouraged today!

I'm excited about GAP coming to Christ Community!

I know some of you will be traveling over the holiday weekend, but if you are, you're missing out! Our friends from GAP in Eastern Kentucky will be with us to share what God is doing there and talk about the upcoming opportunities we have to join them! You can get registered for the March 23 trip HERE or the April 1-3 trip HERE.

The mission.

Joining Jesus in Going Out to Make Disciples. It's Monday. But it's still on my mind. And I hope it's on yours. Jesus wants to invite you into what he's doing; in your life, in Shelbyville, and to the ends of the earth. He's got a mission plan prepared for you. Spend some time talking to him about it today.


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