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Top of Mind Monday

It's Monday of Thanksgiving week!!! To honor that, I'll do Top of Mind Monday as a list of gratitude.

I'm grateful for a unified church. Last night at our annual covenant dinner, we celebrated a ton of things we have seen God do this year, shared vision about a new season of leadership, got excited about some new building renovations that will improve our space, and passed a new budget with 100% approval! Psalm 133:1 comes to mind: "How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!"

I'm grateful for modern medicine. Sickness is rampant. Surgeries are needed. School is out tomorrow because of the widespread sickness. I'm grateful for modern medicine that helps us navigate the hard days. Pray for one another church! And check-in!

I'm grateful for missionary partners. As we head into December, we're talking about the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and our goal at CCC of $7,500. Everything given the weekend of December 18 will go to support missionary partners all over the world. I'm grateful for them!

I'm grateful for a church that responded to a pressing need at Father's Love. We learned about a pressing need during the Gathering yesterday at Father's Love. We shared that need and within an hour after church the need was met! I'm grateful for a church family that's ready to take action!

I'm grateful for the opportunities to "Love Shelbyville" this coming Sunday. What a better way to end Thanksgiving week than to serve our community through Love Shelbyville! We need people to get signed up for a group - invite your friends and neighbors! We need everyone's help to LOVE SHELBYVILLE well! Sign up:


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