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Top of Mind Monday

"You never wash a rental car."

This was a quote used in a training I attended this week that keeps echoing in my mind. It illustrates the reality that for real change to happen ownership is required. Nothing changes when we're borrowing other people's ideas or strategies. The implications of this are stretching into a lot of areas in my life right now and challenging me to ask what I need to take responsbility for.

A staff team full of servant hearts.

Often, the Lord reminds me of how fortunate I am to work with our staff team here at CCC. Yesterday was one of those times! Katie, Kenny, DJ, and Krysta all work hard to not only manage their responsibilities, but free themselves up on Sundays to serve others. It stuck out to me that all 4 of them, unprompted, asked how they could help me Sunday morning. As Krysta introduced families for dedication, I was thinking about how she had taken time to meet with each of them individually serve them as they walk through this season of life. I was reminded again when I went to preach and used the repaired "pulpit" I use. Kenny had taken extra time to fix and improve it just because he wanted to. It's Monday morning, and I'm still thankful for each of them!

Thankful for Ray & Cindy Bailey helping families make memories through photos!

Ray & Cindy Bailey were super generous with their time and resources to help moms and their families get pictures Sunday! I love seeing those pictures! I'm thankful for that service to our church family, too!

Tackling my overwhelmed heart starts with an honest cry for help.

May is always a month that makes me want to scream, "MAYDAY!" At times, it's just absolute chaos. My heart gets overwhelmed in May. This morning, God's Word had me in Psalm 88 and verse 13 was highlighted for me:

But I call to you for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer meets you.

So I did that. I wrote out a prayer that was an honest cry to the Lord to help my overwhelmed heart. He's answering in some really cool ways! All that to say, if you're feeling a little overwhelmed these days, tackling with an honest cry to the Lord for help.

Graduations mean Summer is on us!

Graduations are happening here, there, and everywhere over the next couple weeks!

Graduates, congratulations!

Graduations mean summer is on us! Check out the calendar dates for a summer In the Son TOGETHER at CCC.


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