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Top of Mind Monday!

The hope of watching God's mission seep through generations. If you were in the Worship Center at the end of the Gathering yesterday, you got to see our 5th graders praying with us as we sent Mike and Sarah. That alone is exciting to think about these rising leaders be a part of that! But here's what you didn't get to see: a ton of kids on the other side of the wall leaning in, praying, and owning the mission with us. Y'all, check out this snapshot of the moment:

Jesus is really good! And I love how he's causing his mission to seep into every generation in our church family.

The eyes of a dad who's proud and surrendered. I'll never forget looking Sarah's dad in the eyes after the Gathering yesterday.. Incredibly proud while telling me of how hard it is to surrender to God's call on his daughter's life. Shew. That's a man I want to become more like. Men, dads, let's raise children who chase Jesus no matter what. It starts with us doing just that.

Doing is part of discipleship. This thought is rolling around after hearing about the 5th graders leading Community Kids yesterday! It's an annual tradition that the 5th graders lead a Sunday as their time in Community Kids winds down. It's memorable for them - and for the others! It all reminds me that doing is part of discipleship. Teaching someone without giving them the opportunity to live it out, teach someone else, and own it isn't discipleship; doing is part of discipleship.

My brothers at Shelter Yetu. If you were here, you got a 2 minute taste. Whether you were or you weren't, take 15 minutes and go watch the documentary at Time to be the church, CCC!

The growing team headed to Honduras. In all the excitement about Kenya yesterday, a group was meeting before the Gathering about their trip to serve in Honduras this fall! That's encouraging y'all! Our partners there, Sparrow Missions, celebrated 3 baptisms! Praise the Lord!

Christ Community, the Lawyers love you. Dearly.

Now, go be the church! Join Jesus today. Go Outside. Make disciples.


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