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Top of Mind Monday!

Some of my favorite Sundays at Christ Community are days where I get to take in and BE a part of the church family! I'm so thankful for the people who serve, lead, disciple, and go week in and week out. Here are some things floating in my head today..

"Do you know 10 people who don't know Jesus?" - Jayden Raker

I was so thankful for Jayden's humble sharing of that question he'd been asked at camp last week; perhaps even more impactful was his sharing that all 20 people in his group raised their hand. It's sobering to be reminded that so many people (many in generations younger than ourselves..) don't know Jesus. It's one thing to think about a few people I know, but when that multiplies across circles of people, it's a reminder of how urgent the mission is! We want people to know the love of the Father.

"Without self examination, we bounce back and forth between the two brothers and miss the love of the Father." - Job Juarez

Raise your hand if you gained perspective on the parable of the prodigal son yesterday that you hadn't previously had. I know I did! Job's insight into being both brothers and needing that self-examination to be restored to the father was challenging in a super helpful way!

Whatever context you're reading this in, are you an older or younger brother? How can you think of the Father in your current context? WWFD?

9 people who were serving at a Barren Heights weekend!

I'm super thankful for all the ways CCC GOES! This weekend, 9 of us were going to serve families with our partners from Barren Heights! I continue to be challenged by the heart of our church family to go and serve in a variety of ways with a variety of gifts and talents. Keep going CCC!

Juniper Hills!

It's become about as much of a staple as something can in CCC life - this coming Sunday night is our annual evening at Juniper Hills! It's always fun to get people together, play in the water park, and catch up on life. See you there! 7-9 pm.

Last call for Be the Church this Saturday.

If you have questions about becoming part of the CCC family or just getting more connected, our Be the Church membership class is Saturday from 8-11 am. You can get started on the online teaching part HERE.


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