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Top of Mind Monday

Stories are exciting when you realize God is still writing them. I appreciate Carson for a lot of reasons; he’s a man of integrity, a good dad, and a strong communicator. But what I appreciated most from his story yesterday was his willingness to keep letting God write the story. That’s when stories get exciting! Can’t wait to see what God does next; in his life and in the lives of so many others in our church.

Praise is good. The new song we did yesterday, but also just praise in general! After a Sunday where Katelyn and I were out, it was good to be back in a singing congregation. Praise is good!

Everyone needs a new pacemaker every once in a while. As I type, my grandma is in a procedure to have her pacemaker changed out for a new one. She wasn’t excited about having that done, but it was needed.

It made me realize we all need a change of pace every once in a while. And most of us don’t like the pain associated with changing pace. But it’s often needed.

The doctor just came and said everything went well! We won’t carry her out like the picture below, but we will celebrate a successful procedure!


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