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Top of Mind Monday

Weeks where I'm not preparing to preach always give me some space to hear and see what the Lord is doing in the people of Christ Community! This past week was no exception and it's still on my mind this Monday! Here's some thoughts swirling up there...

The people nominated as potential leaders in our church are top notch! I can't recall many more encouraging things in my time at CCC as the interactions I have had with those nominated as potential leaders in our church! 28 deacon nominees and 7 pastor/elder nominees encouraged me as I asked them about accepting that nomination. People all across our church were praying with and for them. They were opening God's Word, considering ministries that Jesus was asking them to join him in OUTSIDE the walls, and asking questions about the future of CCC.

It's good to enjoy attending the church you help lead. Yesterday, I didn't preach or pray or lead worship. My family rode together to church in the same car! I enjoyed hearing the stories of missions leaders in our church. I enjoyed being led in prayer and song. I took two pages of notes on a sermon in my journal. I was able to enjoy attending CCC because our church family allows space for that. Loving on the people of our church is easy because of how well the church loves on our family. Thank you.

It ain't Christmas 'til you've sang "O Holy Night" at least once. I hadn't heard it yet this year, but boy did I hear it yesterday! Singing it with CCC brought chills. And then when Alex Hagan made the observation about oppression ceasing as we join Jesus in serving... yup, I was done. Jesus!

I'm anticipating the biggest Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in CCC history! Long before church started, I spotted Mr. Page giving to Lottie Moon back in Community Kids! Whether you jump in by ordering some CCC Gear or simply give this coming weekend at CCC, there's no reason this shouldn't be our biggest gift to international missionaries through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering yet! Our goal is $7,500.

I'm prepping my heart for cuteness overload: Kids are singing next weekend! The preschool kiddos have been prepping to sing some songs for our gathering next weekend! WOOO!


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