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Top of Mind Monday: BACK TO SCHOOL Edition!

  1. "God, help us put you first in all things. Help us create margin in our schedules for you." That's the prayer on our monthly prayer calendar for CCC - and it just affirms what we saw Jesus calling us to in the end of Luke 9. Jesus has to be our priority! He's the only hope we have! Pray this with us today.. and then let God help you as all the fall schedules start rolling in.

  2. Praying for teachers and school administrators. As Monday rolls around, the first day of school looms a little heavier in my mind. For teachers and administrators, they are in full swing now. Y'all are on my mind today! And I'm praying that God would grow your love in knowledge and discernment (Philippians 1:9).

  3. I want to do everything I can to help everyone find a Community Group. It's so easy for us to forget that walking by faith was meant to be done with friends. Some of us friend circles that don't share our faith. Others of us have faith, but few close friends to share it with. I want everyone to find a Community Group to help have both! We've got 2 new groups starting (Peggy Berry + DJ & Heather Williams) in addition to several others that are resuming after a summer break. Head over to and reach out to find your fit.

  4. Deacons + Gaps of Care. I'm so proud of the team of Deacons that God has called and we were able to commission yesterday! They are a strong group with servant hearts! Gaps of care has become a phrase we've used often, and I want to encourage you that if you see one of those in our church or community, email me ( and I'll get that to our deacon team!

  5. God wants to tell you something in Philippians. I always get excited when God leads us to study a certain book of the Bible! It reminds me that God has something to say to us in his Word! It takes about 15 minutes to read the 4 chapters in the letter Paul wrote from jail - do that sometime this week! And then be there next Sunday at 10 am as we start walking through it together. Can't wait!


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