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Top of Mind Monday is BACK!

Top of Mind Tuesday just never felt right, so we're bringing it back to Mondays. Here's a few things rolling through my head as we start another week in summer 2023!

Praying about what's next at CCC. I love praying our way forward. I mentioned briefly yesterday that our leadership teams are united around 31 prayers we are praying. Today's prayer is this: "God, continue to clarify the mission of our deacon team." You can view or print the rest of the list here.

A spirit of power, love, and sound judgment. 2 Timothy 1 was the text used in my ordination service 15 years ago. Today, I read it in my time with the Lord. I'm thankful that when God calls us to himself, he gives us his spirit that fills us with his power, his love, and his sound judgment! Now, to live with his power instead of my own. Help me Jesus!

Love Shelbyville Sign-ups are out! We're excited for Love Shelbyville on July 23! Don't miss your chance to go serve our community! More info and sign-ups here.

Take a meal to families with new babies! Lee and Sarah Murphy and Josiah and Katie Ward are both home with new little ones! Get signed up to take them a meal over the next few weeks.

What's Jesus have on your mind this Monday? Share something I can be praying for or something Jesus has been teaching you! Email me at


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