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Top of Mind Monday: Numbers edition!

I'm not sure if it was the 2024 budget team meeting yesterday, or something else, but all kinds of significant numbers are floating through my head on this Monday... Most of them are numbers that reminded me of the mission. So without further ado.. 5 numbers on the top of my mind this Monday!

  1. 42,730. The number of people in Shelby County who don't attend church weekly. I'll say what I said yesterday. We don't get to decide if any person in or out of church is saved. But at the very least, we know they need to hear the gospel and be invited to follow Jesus. 42,730 is more and more staggering the more you think about it. It's still on my mind..

  2. 6,909. Number of students in the Shelby County school district. Though different reports will vary on the exact percent, every study suggests that most people come to faith in Jesus before the age of 18. These 6,909 are critical! They need to see Jesus as the hero of their story!

  3. 13. The number of streets around our intersection at 198 Frankfort Rd. We pray that we would be good neighbors to them, but we also need to start figuring out how to be the neighbors who interrupt their day with some good news.

  4. 1. Version of you. God created you with unique gifts to serve people in the places and positions he's put you in! Go be the church.

  5. 73%. One inward facing number that's really encouraging - 73% of the people attending CCC were connected to a group last week! Let God use those people around you to write the next chapter of the story...


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