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Top of Mind Monday - Vacation Edition

Full disclosure: I'm writing this BEFORE Monday. I'll be sitting on a beach Monday. It's a mix of thinks I'm thinking now, and things I hope to be thinking about at the beach on Monday!

  1. Only in heaven will we know the impact Alan Witham had on people across Kentucky for Christ. I'm really thankful for Alan Witham. Not just because he preached at Christ Community this weekend, but because he's been serving with and around my family for decades. He's selfless, humble, full of wisdom, and he shares the gospel with someone almost every time I'm with him. He's invested his life being a servant of the Lord.

  2. I'm asking the Lord to restore my courage. I can't totally identify where, when, or how it happened, but somewhere along the way I get the sense that I've lost some of my courage as a leader. Would you pray with me that the Lord speaks through his word about that this week while I'm away?

  3. I want us to learn to pray dependently and radically. I don't have a clue how to make that happen, but this video teaching from David Platt has me desiring to learn how to pray. And to also lead us to be a church that prays with great dependence on God and with great faith in God. Check it out:

  4. No amount of rest can replace healthy rhythms. Of course, healthy rhythms include rest, but the thought that stacking up more vacation time or escaping for a week is going to replace learning the rhythm of resting in the Lord daily is foolish. If you're vacationing like us, use the time to think about how you can change your weekly rhythm to include more Jesus. The ocean moves things through the repetitive rhythm of the waves. That's often how Jesus moves things in our life, too.


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