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Top of Mind Monday: Vacation Edition

I'm away this week with our family on vacation! So.. these things probably aren't on my mind right now, but they still capture the things I was excited about as we pulled out of town this weekend! Can't wait to be back with our church family this coming weekend!


The lobby transformed! Bethany Smith did an incredible job of envisioning what the lobby now looks like at CCC! What's really cool is that when I first saw it, I began to envision people sitting in the different seats having conversations about the God who loves them, sees them, and saves them. Y'all, people's lives are going to be changed in these seats! This is a tool for you and I to watch Jesus changes people's lives!

And to that point, starting October 16, the church will be open for you to meet people, read, pray, eat lunch, or all of the above, Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am-1:30 pm. Can't wait to spend time with you here!

The people who came to the Marriage 911 interest night! If it was you, know that I'm praying for you! And I'm proud of you! Investing in your marriage is one of the best investments we can make if we want people to see the love of Jesus in and through our lives. It's a picture of Christ's love for the church! If you weren't able to make it to interest night and you're still interested in being a part, email me -

Snapshots & Shovels. October 15, we're starting a new sermon series called "Snapshots & Shovels" that helps us see how Jesus breaks new ground for his kingdom, but also, in us. I. Can't. Wait. Starting a new series is always a good time to invite someone you've been hanging with recently or to re-invite someone who hasn't joined you at church yet. I'm telling you, Jesus wants to use YOU to help break new ground in other people's lives, so bring someone with you next Sunday and let's join Jesus together!

2 great events to invite friends to for our kids and our guys. A Glow night escape room?!?! I wish I was in 3rd-5th grade! Friday, October 20 our Community Kids team is hosting this event. It's an INCREDIBLE opportunity to reach out to some of your kids friends.

Since I can't go to glow night, I will go to the guy's bonfire the next night, Saturday, October 21. I was PUMPED when our partners at Barren Heights reached out and asked us to host this event to serve their Shelby Co. families. So guys, text your boys and let's go sit around a fire and play a little cornhole.

Reading on the Beach. By the time you read this, I'll be reading something else. On the beach. I can't wait! I may even hit my goal for the number of books I wanted to read this year. But as I thought about that, it brought up something I wanted to ask YOU: What's one book you've read this year that you would recommend to me?

Bring 'Em on! Can't wait to dig into some of them in the future..

Love y'all!

Go be the church.



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