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Top of Mind Tuesday

Just lots of good stuff going on as summer get's rolling! 7 things this week!

  1. Our neighbors on Webbmont. This week, we prayed that our neighbors on Webbmont would be know the satisfaction of God in long life and salvation (Psalm 91:16). We also continued to pray that God would help us be good neighbors! On that note, let me recommend you add this podcast to your listening this week. Ruth Ripken dives into some super practical ways to be a good neighbor in a recent blog and podcast episode she did. Check it out:

  2. Praying for our students. Kenny and several EDGE student leaders are taking on camp this week at Cedarmore! I'm so thankful for this ministry, for our student ministry at CCC, and for our students! Pray for them that they would encounter God and have hearts ready to join Jesus as he encounters them this week! For more ways to pray, check out Kenny's post from last week.

  3. "Prayer isn't the least we can do, it's the most we can do." - Andrew Eaton. Andrew Eaton is a friend of mine pastoring Commonwealth City Church on UK's campus. I love the heartbeat of their church - it's a great place to direct any UK or Transylvania students you know. As I listened to him preach a sermon on being SENT, this quote on prayer really caught me. And let's not just say we pray, or talk about what we're praying for, let's actually PRAY. It's the most we can do because we're invoking the CREATOR GOD. If you want to listen to the whole sermon, check it out here:

  4. Pray for Hondurans that don't know Jesus. We prayed for and sent Tracey & Luke Marshall and Marcela Juarez at the end of our gathering Sunday. They leave to serve with our partners in Honduras, Sparrow Missions. Some of the stats I'm finding say that only 27% of Hondurans would say that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Poverty is a huge barrier to access to the gospel. Pray with me this week (it's the most you can do!) that Hondurans who don't know Jesus would hear and believe the gospel as the 3 we're sending team up with another church to serve and share Jesus next week.

  5. I'm grateful for the ministry of VBS at First Baptist Church. I love hearing people's stories and Lee Murphy's story was no exception! As he shared about coming to faith in Christ at VBS at First Baptist, I was filled with gratitude for their faithfulness to lead that ministry! We shouldn't underestimate a child's ability to believe in Jesus for salvation! Stay tuned to the podcast for Lee's story later this week.

  6. It was good to "welcome home" several sent ones from Midland Community Church. Sending people out to start new churches and get the good news to people and places it might not otherwise go is messy. And the worlds standards of success aren't guaranteed. But this weekend as several families who have been a part of Midland joined us at Christ Community, I had an overwhelming sense of love for those who put their yes on the table, led with gospel courage, and shone brightly for Christ. God's not done with them or us. In fact, it would seem to me that God is up to something far greater than we could ask or imagine. Which leads me to #7...

  7. Gather a group of people at least once this summer. Call a bunch of people up and sit around a fire. Meet a few friends for lunch. Get together and play games. Plan a day trip somewhere. Invite people into your life. And when you do, be intentional to ask about their heart. Talk about their relationship with Jesus - starting with whether they have one or not. If you're not quite comfortable making the invites yourself yet, be sure and check out our Summer Invite Nights. They are a great chance to engage with other believers, but also to invite those on the fringes of your life into deeper relationship.



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