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Top of Mind Tuesday

  1. The Lord has great plans for Trey and Tammie Williams! Trey and Tammie did an incredible job sharing how God has continued to pursue them and call them into his plans for their life. And I can't wait to see how God uses them in this next season as they move to New Orleans for seminary! Trey and Tammie - GO BE THE CHURCH! Speaking of..

  2. It's fun to celebrate and remember how God is sending us! I'm not the best celebrater. Sometimes I push to hard and don't slow down enough to recognize all the ways God is working. When Katie reminded us Sunday of multiple ways that so many in our church are being sent by God to share Jesus from our neighbors to the nations, it was really fun! Thanks, Katie, for leading us. And thank you church for living sent! Here's why we have to stay laser focused on JOINING JESUS IN GOING OUT TO MAKE DISCIPLES:

  3. 33% of Americans never attend church. That was the findings of new research I read this morning from Lifeway research. Another 33% attend less than once/month. Y'all, our mission is urgent! The lost aren't coming to us - we're called to GO to them!

  4. There's something powerful about singing what you believe. What we sing is SO important! Most of us have had those moments where a song gets stuck in our head. If we're joining Jesus in going out, let's make the songs stuck in our head songs that remind us what we believe. There was something powerful about singing that new song this week that reminds us what we believe. Go listen to Apostles Creed again - we're going to sing it to one another again this week!

  5. God, bring people to saving faith expressed through baptism. Our leadership team (pastor/elders, deacons, staff) worked together to compile 31 prayers we are praying for our church according to the day of the month. Today, we're praying that prayer above. That people who visit CCC, engage with one of our ministry partners, or just have a run in with one of our members would hear the gospel, place their faith in Jesus, and express that through baptism. Would you pray that with us this Tuesday? You might even pray for someone specifically that hasn't believed or taken that next step of baptism. God just might answer...


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