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'Twas the Monday before Christmas

'Twas the Monday before Christmas, and all of his people

were saying his name, far from the steeple.

While gathering together had felt like snuggling in,

the Eternal Father had reminded them of their lost kin.

Returning to work, the clatter of life,

Called their minds to the mission, and the reason for strife.

Their sin layed before them, they had such a need,

They were desperate now, for a Savior and King.

But much to their surprise, it wasn't found in wrapped presents,

but rather in the manger, a baby, wrapped, just his presence.

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God!

The prophet had named him, the Messiah, unflawed.

Eternal Father, Prince of Peace!

The one who's reign will never cease!

All could come, both shepherds and kings,

to believe and receive the gift that he brings.

Now that baby would grow, soon becoming a man.

Sent to the cross, conquering death was his plan.

Grace upon grace! Salvation has come!

May we tell all the people; tell them one by one.

May we speak of his goodness, his love and his grace,

that more might believe, and fall on their face.

For his last words to us left such great expectations,

as we hear Jesus saying, "Go make disciples in all nations."

Merry Christmas!


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