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Up Next for EDGE: Hearing, Knowing, and Sharing the Good Shepherd.

Our lives are noisy, busy, frustrating, difficult and our world tells us you've got this. No need for help. No need to stop and rest. Just trust you.

I don't know about you but that hasn't ever worked out for my own good. That's why in Edge students we are leaning in this year to hear the Good shepherds voice, know what it sounds like so we can identify it and walk in his ways, and after hearing and knowing his the good shepherd, tell others about Jesus.

This semester we will start out in the book of John to hear about Jesus the good shepherd and what even makes him "good", what are we to even look for.

After hearing about the good shepherd we lean in to know him better more deeply than we did before. We will take a look at Ecclesiastes and see how through living life without the good shepherd, which is exactly how the world tells us too live, can cause everything to be meaningless.

Then we will move on to Isaiah 53. This text not only reminds us as believers that God has been and continues to work for our good through the good shepherd but that we are able to point others to him through the story of the suffering servant, written many years in advance to show what Jesus would do, and what he will do in the end.

**Pray along with Edge leaders that our Students here at CCC and those who are invited through them will hear the good news. Desire to know the good shepherd more deeply and feel equipped to share him with others.


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