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Vote of Affirmation for New Pastor/Elders, Sunday, May 19

Updated: 5 days ago

After several months of walking with nominated prospective leaders, the Pastor/Elder team is recommending 2 candidates to the congregation for a vote of affirmation at the conclusion of the gathering on May 19.

Ron Boyd and Mike Davis are being recommended as candidates for the Pastor/Elder team.

Ron and his family (Rebecca, Marideth, and David) joined the CCC family in 2022. Ron has been active in serving with the worship team on Sunday mornings as well as helping to lead the youth band for EDGE Students.

Mike and Laura Davis have been a part of CCC since 2019. Mike has led community groups, Love Shelbyville day groups, served on the budget team, and been an active disciplemaker throughout his time at CCC.

Both have gone through a process that includes the following:

  • Nomination by a CCC Member

  • Prayerful acceptance of the nomination

  • Affirmation of beliefs and covenants

  • Written statement of spiritual formation

  • Relational vetting and discernment with CCC Leaders

Covenant Members will be sent a link and be presented with an opportunity to affirm or deny their calling as Pastor/Elders at the conclusion of the gathering on May 19. If any member has concerns or questions, they may contact one of the pastor/elders.


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