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We are just getting started..

One thing ends and another begins! What a great night at Edge this past Sunday to wrap up our semester and to perhaps to decompress just a little at the end of the school year. Something to celebrate from the End of school Bash was, Students inviting students.

There were almost 40 students gathered together Sunday night to be the church through fellowship. 15 plus faces that were new or invited back by their friends to come and belong somewhere so they could connect, experience Gods community and prayerfully have a deep yearning to belong to something more which continues to drive them back to a deeper relationship with God.

As we approach the summer schedule it is heavily founded on intentional moments, fellowship and deeper discipleship so Jesus is caught as well as taught. Let's keep Joining God so we can go and make discples. Stay connected through our student text by texting @edgestmn to 81010 or follow us on instagram @cccedgesm.


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