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What a friend we have in Jesus - Top of Mind Monday

2 young ladies who BELIEVE that JESUS is ALIVE!

We're celebrating today with 2 young ladies who placed their faith and trust in Jesus yesterday! We're looking forward to following up with them and helping them take their first steps as followers of Christ. There were several more who grabbed one of the free books. Would you pray for those who "wanted to hear more?" And while you're at it, pray for those who walked away thinking the gospel is RIDICULOUS. Pray the Lord would draw them back to hear again!

D-Group Night.

If you've been around me or CCC for the last few years, you know how excited I get about D-groups! It's been more than exciting to watch the Holy Spirit teach us God's Word and create hunger in people that wasn't there before! Kenny and I spent this morning finalizing the details for Wednesday's D-Group Night at 5 pm. Get more info here and come check it out!

Next Gen SPRINGS into action.

At the same time, EQUIP 28 launches their spring session! If you have a 4th-5th grader, contact to see how your student can get involved. Also, don't forget that EDGE Students resume next Sunday April 16th post-spring break. There is some really great stuff happening in both these environments!

The walls are going up!

If you're going to be in the building this week, bring your hard hat! Before I showed up this morning, crews were in the building getting walls up now that permits have come through - EXCITING! We can't wait to finish these improvements that will make our gathering space safer and easier for our community parnters and covenant members to use.

How New Mt. Zion interrupted my Easter lunch.

As I drove down Washington St. towards home after church Sunday, I had to slow down as I came past 7th street. People were all over the sidewalks and in the street - I had to slow way down! Those people were finishing up worshipping Jesus at New Mount Zion Baptist Church, and it was a beautiful reminder to me that Sunday we were one small gathering of folks around the world celebrating the resurrection. If one of the New Mt. Zion folks stumbles on this, could you do me a favor and make that a weekly thing? I love being reminded of the bigger body of Christ!

I finished the short drive home after that, and as I pulled in the driveway I had a text from our friends in Central Asia wishing me a happy resurrection Sunday.

I ate lunch thankful for an empty tomb and a friend who knew the way out.

Y'all. What a friend we have in Jesus.


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