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What ridiculous things have you seen God do? - Top of Mind Monday

What ridiculous thing have you seen God do?

It was just a sweet time of response to the gospel yesterday! Every once in a while I can't deny the cheesy thoughts that come in my brain - haven't we written stuff on rocks a million times?!?! And yet, those little things can help us connect incredible truths to our hearts and minds. Jesus resurrects our hearts and helps us praise him even when everything in us feels like it can't. That's ridiculous!

If you weren't with us yesterday, we encouraged people to write on these rocks an answer to this question: What have you seen God do? Watch the replay and we'll leave these rocks out for response through the Easter weekend.

Katie and DJ sat down with Madeline Presley and recorded this podcast titled "Excruciate" by it's creator Mike Presley. Every time I hear this I find myself blown away by how much Jesus loves me. I'm not sure I'll ever understand. I might just make time to listen to this every day this week.

Lucas Grider's baptism!

Y'all, God is doing something in our young people at CCC! And Lucas Grider was just one evidence of that! He was baptized by his dad Justin this past Saturday at CCC! I love the Grider family and Lucas is such a leader in the faith for so many of his peers! You can catch a video of the baptism at about the 16:35 mark of the gathering stream.

Are you next? Tell the world what Jesus has done in your life!

They will know we are Christians by our love.

This has been one of my favorite hymns since the first time we sang it at CCC a few years ago. This weekend, I was honored to be a part of a vow renewal service for TJ Vogt's parents who have been married 50 years! Inspiring stuff! When I looked at the picture of their wedding program, it included the choir singing "They will know we are Christians by our love!" How perfect! I believe we often fail to realize just how powerful of a witness our marriages can be to the gospel. There's a reason Paul wrote that the mystery of marriage is the same mystery of Christ loving the church. Work at your marriage. Invest in it. Protect it. Value it. In the end, it may be your greatest testimony to God's faithful love.

CCC's schedule for this upcoming weekend!

Of course I'm thinking about all the Easter happenings coming up this weekend at CCC! I said yesterday, and I'll say again, people are more open to an invitation this week than we often believe. One survey says 82% of people are open to that invitation. If I could shoot 82% I'd be taking shots! Here's everything happening this weekend you should come and bring a friend to.

  • Good Friday Worship Night - 6 pm - April 7. We'll read the passion story straight from Scripture and sing it right back to God!

  • Easter Egg Hunt - 11 am - April 8 - Southside Elementary. Join us at Southside Elementary, let your kids hunt for eggs (or just watch kids hunt for eggs! Both are fun!) and hear the good news!

  • Coffee & DONUTS. - 9 am - April 9. You read that right. DONUTS!

  • Easter Gathering - 10 am - April 9. Come celebrate with us the RIDICULOUS news that Jesus is alive!


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