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Y’ALL! Top of Mind Monday!

  1. I love catching servant leaders in action. After a super encouraging day gathering together with our church family, I'm driving down Washington Street towards home when I look over as I pass Mercy Medical. There, push mowing the yard, is Chris Rannells. This came after being present in worship, greeting people in the parking lot, and working a night shift at work! Chris, it seems like yesterday you were coming up out of those baptismal waters! The fruit that God is producing in your life is really sweet! Keep going man! You're an inspiration.

  2. God, make our marriages healthy. That's the prayer on our church prayer calendar for the 14th day of the month. Y'all, he can do it. Love your spouse today. Let 'em know. And never forget that sometimes the most loving thing you can do for your spouse is fall even deeper in love with Jesus.

  3. Love me some Community Group leaders! That group we prayed for yesterday is SPECIAL! I LOVE 'EM! They keep answering the call as a bunch of Y'ALL are taking the challenge to get connected to a Community Group! If you're still looking for one, head to

  4. I'm praying for Cornerstone families as they start school today! Several of our families are starting classes at Cornerstone Christian Academy today! I'm praying for a great year - not just in education, but in chasing Jesus!

  5. Check out the barn raising! Yesterday I mentioned a video of a barn raising and how it's a good picture of how Jesus builds his kingdom. If you want to be mesmerized for a couple minutes, check it out!


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