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"Your buried body began to breathe." - Top of Mind Monday

You know that song, "Living Hope," by Phil Wickham? There's a line that's always has been my favorite:

Then came the morning that sealed the promise, your buried body began to breathe.

Just in case you've never heard the song, or you want to grab a quick shot of hope in song, check it out:

As I sit and reflect on our church family, that visual of a buried body taking it's first breaths is striking. It's the hope of new life, it's the reminder of the gospel's power to bring life from death, and it's a reminder that we "breathe out" as much Jesus as we take in. It's the core thought that connects the things that are on the top of my mind this Monday.

  1. Kaylani's Baptism! From Kaylani's recognition of the Spirit drawing her to the picture of evangelism as Darian invested in her over a period of time to Kaylani's heart to be sharing the Jesus is the way, the truth and the life... I mean.. Come on! Jesus!

  2. This week feels like our church is finding their breath in Christ. What's breathing out is so encouraging - our church family rallying around the Page's adoption, supporting local ministries efforts, going to Eastern KY, and sharing the gospel in conversations. You can feel us breathing Jesus out. But it's encouraging to me to hear about how we're breathing Jesus in. Worship night. An email about how the Holy Spirit had given insight that helped make Scripture clear. Sensing the Lord leading into new seasons of life and ministry and being willing to listen. Leaning in as Daniel challenged us to ask, "Is your life busy or full?" That kind of activity in the life of the church is life-giving. Let's keep breathing.

  3. New Sermon Series: 13! I've had a growing burden for the neighbors right around us at Governor's Square through this last season. Over the next few weeks we are going to finish Titus and begin to expectantly pray that God help us reach our neighbors. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming to think about reaching people for Christ. We often feel like our time and margin is limited. It's daunting to think about how we actually meet the pressing need of salvation in Christ. We feel like we have very little to offer as we struggle with our own lives. But we hope to ask and answer the question, "How can we hand out hope that isn't from us?" If we believe in the hope of the gospel, our neighbors shouldn’t just know that we believe it, they should experience the hope of the gospel with us!

"Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it?" (Isaiah 43:19a CSB)

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