We have paused in-person activities through the weekend of November 29, 2020. For more information, check out this video or this written letter.

As we navigate a return to Gathering together in our Governor's Square building, there are some things we must consider in order to create a safe environment. See the considerations our staff and Pastor/Elders have compiled below, and contact Blake at with any questions or concerns.


  1. We encourage anyone who is 60+ to continue to stay home and engage online ministry options.

  2. We encourage everyone to mask for the safety of others. We will offer a mask to anyone who does not have one as they enter the building. (This excludes 2 and under).

  3. We encourage everyone to maintain social distancing rules and will ask those who are not respecting them to do so.

  4. We encourage everyone to use the restrooms in their homes before coming to church in an effort to reduce traffic to and maintain the cleanliness of our on-site restrooms.

  5. We encourage anyone who is sick or who has symptoms of being sick to stay home and engage online ministry options.

  6. We encourage everyone to give grace to others in order to strive for unity around the gospel.


  1. There will be no coffee served, but we encourage you to bring your own from home!

  2. Any unnecessary equipment or furniture will be moved into storage.

  3. CCC will clean and sanitize the entire building after each Gathering.

  4. Communion will not be served at this time.

  5. Anyone taking part in baptism will be asked to bring their own towel. Contacts outside of family members will be minimized as much as possible, and all surfaces will be sanitized between baptisms.

  6. Rows of chairs will be spaced six feet apart. Families are encouraged to sit together and to maintain a three chair distance (six feet) when sitting in the same row as another person/family.

When we're Gathering... 

Gathering at 10 AM

We will gather at 10 AM at Governor's Square for worship. We will also have an online Gathering option at during this time.


Community Kids

A family gathering will take place Sundays at 10 am for a limited number of families. More details on what that gathering will look like can be found here: Community Kids Regathering Google Doc

Video Details from Katie Gaither

Students at 5 PM

Students will meet at 5 PM on Sundays. More info.


Community Groups

We encourage groups to meet at the leader's discretion. Contact your leader to learn more or for questions about finding a group.