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After God's Own Heart (Life of David)

King David was the one that everyone looked to as the savior of a nation. But he was actually setting the stage for someone far better. As we watch him live - the ups and downs, the unmet expectations, the mistakes - we learn how we can be AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART.

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Certain about Christ - The Gospel of Luke

Luke, the disciple and the doctor, wrote his account of Jesus' story to Theophilus so that he could be certain about Christ. The more certain we are about Christ, the more confidence we have to join Jesus in going out to make disciples.


All Other Ground is Sinking Sand (2 Thessalonians)

The church in Thessalonica had been persecuted since day 1. After 1 letter of encouragement, there were still factions as some doubted their decision, questioned truths about Christ’s return, and even gave up working in light of the uncertainties.


Paul’s message? Know your King. Slow down. Stand firm. Stay Active. 


Or in the words of Edward Mote, “All other ground is sinking sand.”

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