Discipleship Groups are gender-specific, closed groups that will provide a pathway for those yearning to be more intentional about their devotion to Jesus. By experiencing intimate accountability with 3-5 committed like-minded, gender specific believers and utilizing a disciplined Scripture reading and memorization schedule, you will experience opportunities to live out and grow your faith in new and lasting ways.


Reading Plans

Read through the gospels and all the books of wisdom as you spend the year hearing from God about Jesus' way of life. This is the easiest plan to complete.

Read through the entire New Testament as you spend the year hearing from God about initiating his new covenant. This plan is 2 of 5 on difficulty.

Read selections of Scripture that help tie together God's redemptive story written throughout Scripture as well as help you identify your place in it. This plan is 3 of 5 on difficulty.

This plan was designed by Replicate Ministries to read through the majority of the Bible in 260 days of reading or 5 days/week. This plan is 4 of 5 on difficulty.

Read through the entire Old Testament as you spend the year hearing from God about the old covenant, the story of Israel, and how it set the stage for Jesus. This plan is 5 of 5 on difficulty.