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Here's some of the questions we get asked most! Hopefully it helps. Please know you can always get more info about Community Kids by contacting

What is your check-in/out procedure for Sunday mornings?

Guidelines for Elementary:
■ Parents/guardians will receive an ID card after checking child(ren) into the program area and must return it to check child(ren) out.
■ When checked in, child(ren) may enter the elementary area in the Next Gen space.
■ After returning the ID card, parents/guardians may wait in the checkout area for their child to be dismissed to them.
Guidelines for Nursery through Preschool:
●When signed in, parents will receive 3 claim stickers: one for the child to wear and two for the parents to return for checkout.
● One parent/guardian per child to walk back to the room to dropoff/pickup.
●Parents must return one sticker with a matching code to the volunteer at the check in/out table AND the other sticker to the volunteer in their child’s room in order to pick them up.


What are your safety protocols?

Because we love children and desire to protect them, Christ Community Church requires all staff members and volunteers working with children or students to complete the following safety steps before serving in Community Kids:
○ Sexual Abuse Awareness Training -This training will be sent through email and completed online. Staff members and volunteers are required to report any policy violations to a supervisor.
○ Screening Process -Includes application, interview, and references
○ Policies & Procedures -Volunteers must review all policies and procedures in this document and indicate understanding and compliance on application.
○ Background Check -All staff members and volunteers must undergo a criminal background check.


What is “The Gospel Project for Kids” curriculum?

This curriculum is designed to walk children of all ages chronologically through the Bible in order to understand how all of Scripture testifies to one unifying story, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we partner with families in joining Jesus, our prayer is to create a gospel-centered culture through discipleship that changes how we understand the Bible and how we live in light of it. We want our kids to recognize that Jesus isn’t just part of the Biblical story, He’s the whole point of the story. And His story is life-transforming. Because when we encounter the Gospel, it changes our hearts and leads us to action.


What is The Gospel Project At Home and how can I use it?

The Gospel Project At Home provides resources that are designed to reinforce the Biblical truths taught in Community Kids each Sunday and engage Christ-centered conversations within your family. It includes
Scripture, discussion questions, worship, bible story videos, key passage songs, activity ideas, and prayer prompts from each lesson. Use the following link, to set up your free account for easy access to these resources.


What is Equip 28?

Equip 28 is a weekly discipleship group experience for 4th & 5th graders. "Equip" means to prepare, ready, train, or provide with abilities and understanding; and "28" represents the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 to go and make disciples. This discipleship group is designed to teach students to take ownership of their faith as they deepen their understanding and relationship with God. Students will engage in critical thinking, peer discussion, and personal study of Scripture to build a foundation based on Biblical truths and principles as they prepare to join Jesus and interact with the world around them. 


What about baby/child dedications?

We believe that God entrusts parents with the responsibility to guide and teach their children in the faith. When parents choose to participate in a baby/child dedication service, they are acknowledging God’s sovereignty and blessing in their lives and declaring their commitment to raise their child in Biblical truth to know and follow Jesus. The dedication service is also an affirmation of the church’s role to partner with families in discipleship and community. CCC celebrates an annual (typically in the spring) baby/child dedication service with members who desire to make this commitment. Contact for more information.


What about baptism for kids?

We believe that when your child wants to be baptized, they are taking an important step towards owning and growing in their faith. Baptism should always follow salvation, it is not a means of salvation. It is an indication of a heart that is willing to follow and obey Jesus. Because of this, it is important that this decision is made and fully understood by your child. As parents, we should continue to live out our faith as we follow God's calling to raise our children in Truth and entrust our child's heart to Him. A Baptism Guide for Kids is a helpful resource for parents, as they pray and seek God’s wisdom in guiding their child to discover truths, and for kids, as they come to a conclusion about their own salvation and baptism.


How can I volunteer in Community Kids?

If you are a CCC member who is interested in serving in Community Kids, you can start by completing the Next Gen Application form and/or reaching out to Krysta at

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