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"Be the Church" membership class adding online element

When we rolled out our "new and improved" membership class this spring, we used a key phrase: trying. We realized there would probably be needed tweaks. One of the challenges was being able to attend 4 weeks worth of lunches.

And yet, there's a lot of ground to cover when it comes to learning about becoming a covenant member at CCC!

In response, we've shifted "Be the Church" to a hybrid model.

Now, anyone can engage at any time with an online class that covers our beliefs and our covenants. In a couple hours of your own time, and at your own pace, you can take the first part of Be the Church.

To complete the process, those who have completed the online class will be invited to attend "Be the Church" events that help them make real connections to groups, serving opportunities, and the mission at large. The next time this class will be offered is Saturday, June 29th.

If you're new to the CCC family, we hope you'll jump in to the online "Be the Church" class and take a next towards joining Jesus in going out to make disciples!


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